Practicing Journalism in an Ethnically Polarized and Explosive Environment

In an ethnically polarized and explosive environment, journalists have to do a lot of balancing acts. Public right to know will always be is conflict wit public security and safety and the journalist may have to choose the lesser evil.

Political Stunts are a Minefield For Comedy

Politics are a mine field of comedy which will never run out. Those who want to go mining will always be assured. It is there when a country is peaceful and when a country is undergoing a crisis. Just as Kenya emerged from political crisis after December 2007 general election, President Mwai Kibaki and Raila together arrived to grace International golf competition at Karen Country Club in Nairobi.

The Office of the President of the United States

The President of the United States is considered to be "The Leader of the Free World." The character of the President deeply defines his role as this leader. The character of Congress or the Judiciary gradually changes, as they are bodies of minds that work together and come to conclusions.

Bad Energy Policies Will Harm World Economies

In 2000 a new US administration drafted a new energy plan. Two oilmen, with secret advice of the oil industry, orchestrated and supervised the plan. The results have been devastating. Gas and oil prices have escalated to more than $4 per gallon and are forecast to hit $5 per gallon soon.

Why Aren't Presidential Elections Any Fun Anymore?

I understand that The New Yorker Magazine is planning its next cover that will feature John McCain this time. It will show Mr. McCain in the Oval Office with one foot on a banana peel and the other foot in a coffin.

David Hulme: Power Plays

In defining what is currently central in politics, it's become commonplace to repeat a 1992 slogan used in the Clinton-Gore campaign: "It's the economy, stupid! " Created by political strategist James Carville to keep campaign workers focused, the phrase has resurfaced in the run-up to the next U.

The McCain Tax Reform Plan For Long Term Economic Growth?

The writing is on the wall (street, that is), and it is telling us that we need to reaffirm the United States as the dominant force in the global economy, and that we have to do more to protect our citizens' retirement and investment programs.

Follow a Bill Through Congress

The United States Congress is a bicameral legislature. It is the Legislative Branch, which is the law-making branch of the three branches of the federal government. Our representatives act in certain ways and the houses act in certain ways- creating legislation that, in turn, may or may not become the law of tomorrow.

Gas Prices Are Not High Enough and You Heard Me Right

As I set here typing this up I have just finished listening to a cable news discussion of our present oil crisis resulting in high gas prices. I have also looked at the latest political polls that have come out for this year's presidential election showing Obama still holding the lead he has held onto for weeks now.

The Canadian Healthcare System and Its Problems

The United States government spent $783 billion in 2006 on Medicare and Medicaid. If we went to a universal healthcare in this country, it would probably go well over a trillion dollars. And taxes would certainly increase.

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